Monday, September 27, 2010

Song of the Day: Baths - ♥

Just got back into the states after being taken hostage for a month by Somali pirates. First off, they're not even real pirates as they don't even have eye patches or peg legs. And two, how lame is it that they didn't even have wifi on the boat? Worst pirates ever. Anyways, been feeling the glitch-hop/experimental electronica lately, so today its all about Baths. Baths is a LA based one man project, another bedroom music maker. He's been lighting up the web with his debut album, Cerulean, which I would highly recommend if you're feeling a little adventurous. Todays track is ♥, which is not a glitch, it's actually the name of the song. Don't ask me how to pronounce it though.

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