Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Comic Book Review: Blackest Night #8

The end of Blackest Night is here, and so much happens in this oversized issue. So here we go picking up from Green Lantern #52.

The issue begins with Hal admitting to being afraid of one thing; getting close to people. He knows that eventually, everyone will die, and he doesn't want that pain.

It quickly cuts to Sinestro going one-on-one with Nekron. Sinestro, claiming that he cannot be killed, calls off all other lanterns, and puts Nekron in white chains. He pulls out the exposed heart of Nekron, and with a scream of agony, Nekron is gone leaving his scythe. In his place, a shirtless man with a black lantern emblem on his chest appears. He picks up the scythe, and Nekron once again rises, saying that you can't kill death. He digs is hand into Sinestro, trying to remove the white entity.

Hal and the gang come in for back-up, and Ganthet notes that Sinestro's ego will not allow him to control the white light. Hal begins to volunteer, but Ganthet say that no one can control it. They contemplate what can kill Nekron, when Lex Luthor demands more rings saying he can save the world. Larfleeze attacks Luthor, but all are then attacked telepathically by the Martian Manhunter and the rest of the undead Justice League.

A brawl erupts between the Lanterns, and the dead League who have a large numbers advantage. Indigo-1 calls for back up, and an influx of Lanterns from all different corps appears, along with other unaffected superheroes. Every Lantern then directs their attention the Nekron, drying to take out the source. Deadman takes over Guy Gardner, and tells Hal that in order for Nekron to be defeated, his Earthly tether needs to become living.

But Nekron is still wielding immense amounts of power, and begins to speak of the pointlessness of life, calling it an accident. Barry speeds to the forefront and say it best: "Life doesn't give us purpose. We give life purpose."

Hal zooms directly into the white light, with the result being the White Lantern Corps. It consists of: Superman, Conner, Hal, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Barry, Bart, and Ice.

They all throw their beams toward the Black Hand, proclaiming that they choose to live, and now choose life for him too. The White Entity appears, and puts it hand around William Hand, telling him to live. The newly resurrected Hand coughs up a white rings from his mouth. This white ring flies around the White Lantern Corps, taking their power. It pierces through Nekron, and heads right to the Black Battery, resurrecting the Anti-Monitor.

While the Anti-Monitor and Nekron trade jabs, William Hand begins to cough up more rings. These rings take off, destroying Nekron, while proclaiming "Let There Be Light!"

Theses rings also begin to resurrect Black Lanterns, and a beautiful two page spread shows us theses survivors. They are: Maxwell Lord, Eobard Thawne, Hank Hall, Jade, a young Digger Harkness, Ronnie Raymond, The Martian Manhunter, Arthur Curry, Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, Boston Brand, and finally Osiris.

At the sight of Aquaman, Mera's rage begins to dwindle, and she goes into cardiac arrest since the ring is no longer keeping her alive. Luckily, Carol, and Saint Walker are able to use their powers to save her, and her and Aquaman share a moment.

The Hawks are shown next, and Kendra is listing off the memories now restored to her. Carter is most surprised though, when Hawk Woman removes her cowl to reveal Shiera, and not Kendra,

Next the Martian Manhunter who just smiles. Firestorm then pleads for help, grabs his head, and reverts to reveal Jason, and Ronnie now making up Firestorm.

An angry Hank Hall is next, demanding an explanation.

Max, who appeared next to Guy, is quickly wrapped into a green claw. His nose begins to bleed, and he talks Guy into letting him out, before he disappears.

Jade is shown next, and kisses Kyle Rayner, Next is a startled Osiris who says he just wants to go home.

Barry then rushes a Thawne, while Digger prepares a boomerang. Thawne slips away, and Digger is met with Barry's fist. Barry stops, and wonder where Ralph and Sue are.

Now it's Deadman's turn, who realizes that he is visible, and alive. He is now just Boston Brand.

Larfleeze now steals the show, throwing an unconscious Luthor to the feet of the other Lanterns. He demands the Gaurdian he was promised, and Sayd steps forward. Ganthet immediately challenges it, but Sayd is unconcerned, noting that there are more important things to worry about, such as the disappearance of the Anti-Monitor and William Hand. Saint Walker notices that all the Indigo Tribe is missing as well.

We cut to the planet of the Indigo Tribe, where they lead a chained Black Hand in a catatonic state.

The final pages are Hal and Barry back in Gotham, in the cemetery in which the story started. Barry wonders why everyone wasn't resurrected, and Hal says that "Dead id Dead from here on out," but notes that Bruce Wayne must still be alive since the Black Lantern version didn't recognize them. Barry's final question is about the White Light and it's whereabouts, and Hal responds saying that he can feel it pulling them away from the Blackest Night.

The last page is a crater in the middle of a road, white a white power battery in the center.

This issue was a great ending to the Blackest Night saga, which was excellent from start to finish. Johns gave us a ending, while bringing back our favorite characters for the future. Ivan Reis was also phenomenal the whole series, and can't wait to find out what he's doing next. But as far as future story lines, it looks like the Brightest Day is upon us.

Song of the Day: Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight

In 2007, Rilo Kiley released Under the Blacklight, their fourth album. It was an interesting sound, being folky, funky, with the same indie rock sound we all love. The title track really show it off best.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Song of the Day: Modest Mouse - Missed The Boat

In 2007, Modest Mouse released We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, their fifth studio album. This was exciting on many levels, one being that Johnny Marr a year prior, joined the band, and wrote and recorded with them This sixth track off the album, is definitely my favorite, and even features back-up vocals from Shins's frontman, James Mercer.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Song of the Day: Smoking Popes - Follow The Sound

The Smoking Popes third album, Destination Failure, is one of my favorite albums ever. This 16th and final track of the album, is a perfect ending, encapsulating everything we love about the record, in one song.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Song of the Day: Phoenix - Girlfriend

Most people may have not heard of Phoenix until last year, but this was their fourth album. And this one was still incredible, getting great feedback, and even winning a Grammy for alternative album of the year. This is the ninth track of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Real Love

Real Love, was written by John Lennon in 1977 for a play he was working on, entitled, The Ballad of John and Yoko. He would go on the record at least six takes, all on a handheld tape recorder in his home, each containing slightly different lyrics or instruments. He eventually abandoned the song. In 1994, at Lennon's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction in New York, Yoko provided Paul with two cassettes, containing roughly four songs. She asked him to finish the songs, and The Beatles reunited in the studio for the first time since 1970. Eventually, four singles were produced, all becoming quite popular.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Song of the Day: The xx - Basic Space

The xx, released their debut last August, which was self-produced, and recorded in a small garage owned by XL studios. They have since blown up, and are fresh off of a great SXSW. They have also announced that they will be at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and are rumored to play Lollapalooza as well.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comic Book Review: Nemesis #1

As soon as I heard about the story, I was in. The story poses an interesting question: What would happen, if Batman was evil.? In short, the answer is that he will blow stuff up, and kill people. But he's also a little more complex than that. Nemesis seems to believe that cops are responsible for his lost childhood, a very Bruce Wayne like origin.

I'm not going to spoil this one for you, because I think you should read it for yourself and see how fun it is. I will however provide a short summary of the stage set.

Nemesis is taking out cops. But not just simply killing them, but slowly, meticulously, destroying them. He finds it to be a game; finding the cleanest, finest officers in an area, moving in, assembling a team, and taking him out. He set his eye on an officer in Washington, think him a worthy opponent. Now why would this intelligent officer play along with Nemesis game? Well Nemesis has kidnapped the President, declaring himself the new chief.

Now Millar started quickly with this issue and it worked very well. McNiven however, tried a different approach with this series, giving the characters an intentional ugliness, not quite up to par with Civil War, or Old Man Logan. I am very excited about the series though, and hopefully I won't have to wait three years for the last issue.

Song of the Day: Panic at the Disco - Behind The Sea

Off of their second album Pretty Odd, Behind the Sea, is a dreamlike, fantasy song, very reminiscent of The Beatles. Ryan Ross takes over vocals on this one, going for the classic rock sound he's now pushing with his new band, The Young Veins.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #52

Wow, what an issue. So last month, in Blackest Night #7, we became aware of a secret of the Guardians: Life was born on Earth, leaving them without the authority, or jurisdiction, to guard the universe. Nekron released the white entity, to kill it, ending life, and in his mind, bringing peace to the universe. In a surprise ending, Sinestro took the power of the white light and declared himself "the greatest lantern of them all."

So this issue begins with John Stewart, Kilowog, and other lanterns, fighting the legion of Black Lanterns above coast city. John realizes that something is attracting all the Black Lanterns to Earth, and relays to Hal that all, even the undead planet of Xanshi, are headed to Coast City.

Sinestro begins to talk about his destiny, and the power he now possesses, connecting him to all living organisms. He begins to converse with the white entity, getting visions of the birth of life, the creation of Earth, and the first created organisms. He sees the first organisms who ever willed itself to move, and harnessing the emerald light, it becomes the green entity, Ion.

He flashes forward thousands of years, where some organisms have evolved with the ability to fly. A bug like creature is fleeing for survival, and being the first to emit fear, becomes to entity Parallax. The next panel shows a paradise, with the birth of love being shown. Next we're shown the original serpent in a tree, exhibiting great greed and avarice, it becomes the guardian of orange light. Next, rage is born, from the rock Cain used to slay Abel. A great deluge is shown next, and threw prayer, hope is born. Lastly, a beautiful indigo nebula, being the original compassion. A beautiful two page spread is next, showing Sinestro, with all seven light entities, with the words: "we live."

Nekron then takes his scythe, and slicing Sinestro in half, exclaims, "You Die!" He attempts to remove the white entity from Sinestro, still trying to end all of life. Hal calls to Walker for help with Nekron, and then realizes that the incoming Xanshi is throwing Earth out of axis. He ask John to take Xanshis out, but not before a beam thrown from the dead planet, strikes a body of water on Earth. The beam, results in a tsunami, that begins to engulf Coast City. Hal is able to contain the massive wave, while also being attacked by a group of Black Lanterns. He pleads once more with John, to take Xanshi out.

John, Fatality, and others begin to make their way through Xanshi, and are soon met by Katma Tui. John and Fatality, sever the connection, and John pledges to move on from the tragedy of losing his wife and Xanshi, not letting his guilt consume him anymore.

Back on Earth, Indigo 1 and Saint Walker are attempting to heal Sinestro's wounds, but cannot, seeing as to how their rings can't identify any wounds. The Black Hand tells Hal that he cannot delay death any longer, and all light will now burn out.

Back to Xanshi, and the lantern brigade have now made their way to the center of the planet, where they see the core of thousands of black rings, that are animating the planet. The lanterns combine their power once again, severing the connection to the planet. They make their colorful exit from the planet, and into space.

On Earth, black lanterns begin to die everywhere, and even Nekron is affected by the loss of Xanshi. John Stewart and co, are now back and Earth, and Fatality comments that the remains of Xanshi are falling to Earth. So they create a multi-color barrier, block the black matter from falling to Coast City.

The last page is Sinestro, now fully healed, with the White Entity behind him, saying he is now the true guardian of the universe. A surprises Hal remarks that the White Light is still alive.

The issue was a great action packed ride, setting the stage for the finale, of next week's, Blackest Night #8. I can't wait to see the ending.

Song of the Day: Gold Motel - Perfect In My Mind

Gold Motel is the solo project, of The Hush Sound's, Greta Salpeter. It sounds kinda like She & Him, with maybe a little more pop. Her debut album will be released June 1st.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Song of the Day: Matt & Kim - I'll Take Us Home

Matt & Kim are not your typical band, with what is described as dance punk. They seem to be able to make a lot of noise, for only two people, and at worst, are catchy and energetic. This was one of my favorite albums of last year, and probably, my favorite track off of it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Song of the Day: Volcano Choir - Island, IS

Volcano Choir is a side project of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. Take Vernon's songwriting, haunting vocals, then add The Postal Service, and Volcano Choir is born. Check out their first album, Unmap, which was released to great reviews.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Song of the Day: Codeine Velvet Club - Hollywood

Codeine Velvet Club, are a two-piece alternative rock band , from Scotland. Their debut album was released in the UK December 28th, but won't be released in the States until April 6th.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Song of the Day: Local Natives - Airplanes

Local Natives are an indie rock band form LA. They're currently bursting onto the scene, and are really impressing at SXSW.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Song of the Day: Surfer Blood - Swim

Surfer Blood's debut album, Astro Coast, was released January 19. I would highly recommend you check it out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Classic Mugshot of the Week

Almost forgot about the classic mugshot of the week. No celebrity this week, but this one is too good to not post. Alright here we go.
As for the story behind it, it's pretty good. This woman, yes woman, was arrested for, chasing children, urinating on a neighbors porch, and blocking traffic. I really wish someone got a camera when all of this was happening, because this would be a hit on Youtube. Full story here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Book Review: Batman #697

Batman #697 is the conclusion of Tony Daniel's first arc, doing double duty on the title. This issue promised us the reveal of The Black Mask, but after the last issue, many readers already guessed correctly who he was. While this issue wasn't the greatest, it did provide a very satisfying conclusion.
The issue begins in Devil's Square, which is on fire. Black Mask is talking to the mask itself. He's angry at what the mask made him do, and say that he will destroy it, but the mask reveals that he doesn't have a choice, to which Fright appears and agrees, putting the mask on the man, and kissing him.

Batman takes over narrative here. He's worried about the military moving in the Devil's Square. The citizens in there as well as any incoming soldiers would all be infected by Black Mask's toxins. Babs calls them off, and Batman, who was able to synthesize an antidote, calls the calvary and moves in. Batman is able to move past the false faces, and makes it to a drainage pipe, that will lead to Black Mask's hideout.

It cuts back to Black Mask, who realizes that his army is dwindling, so he decides to get out of Devil's Square. Fright mentions that she told Dr. Death to release the remaining toxins to slow Batman down, but warn Black Mask that Batman will be hunting him, to which he replies that he will be ready for him.

In the Chemical Lab, Dr. Death can't get the toxin chambers to open because the network has crashed. Hugo Strange is ready to jet, but the power goes out, and Batman attacks. Batman takes out he two Dr.s, but is met by the Reaper. They struggle, but Dick gets him with a couple of antidote-coated batarangs. The Reaper is slowly beginning to think on his own,but is starting to disintegrate. Dick directs The Reaper to the two Dr.s there, who are responsible for his current circumstances.

Batman is slightly behind Black Mask, but knows where he's headed thanks to Kitrina's maps. He heads toward a bridge, which explodes. He quickly jumps across, where he see a woman's body. He cautiously inspects, and it's revealed to be a very much alive Fright, who's toxins begin to infect Dick, making him see in threes. Fright pulls out a gun, but Black Mask interjects, wanting to take the killing shot himself. He shoots, and hitting Fright multiple times, as Dick eludes the bullets. Dick and Black Mask fight, with Dick throwing Mask to the floor. Mask shoots, missing Dick, sparking an explosion behind them. Dick smothers Mask with his cape, protecting him, and Mask begins to plead with Batman, to put him out of his misery, to of course which Dick declines.Batman punches to mask off, revealing Dr. Jeremiah Arkham.

Dr. Arkham is now a patient in his own asylum. Batman watches him, wondering if Arkham has always been insane, or if someone or something pushed him over the edge. Commissioner Gordon shows up, saying how Arkham hasn't spoken since they brought him in, and talking about Jeremiah's trial being only a week away.

Dick is shown, waiting on top a building contemplating the recent events. The Penguin is shown with his bodyguard, and Mario Falcone with two henchmen. Fright, in the company of Dr. Death and Hugo Strange, is revealed to survive, with a mask over her face, most likely to protect burns sustained in the explosion.

Catwoman appears behind Dick being the one he was waiting on. She talks about trust, and says that she doesn't know where Kitrina is since she escaped her ropes. Dick doesn't respond and flies off into the night. He will never trust Selina he says, especially when she lies to his face. Kitrina comes out from behind Selina, and is shown in a new costume, as she will be Catgirl under Selina's training

The last scene, is Dick, thinking about how he saved the city as Batman, while putting the Black Mask on a mantle.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Tourney Bracket

I love March Madness, and I'm feeling pretty good about my bracket this year.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stranded on an Island Playlist - Part 4

The final 25 songs of my list are here.

76) Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - The first song I ever heard from them was Holland, 1945. But when I listened to this album the first time, honestly, I didn't care for it to much. But I every time I listened to it again, I found something new I enjoyed about it, and pretty soon I came to love to whole thing. This song paints a gorgeous picture, but why, or what it's about, I have no clue. But listen to it and try not to smile.

77) My Chemical Romance - This is a song about being haunted by someone you love, not physically, in an I see a ghost type of way, but emotionally. This person has died and of course it hurts, but it's when you wake up in the morning and you think you smell her, or going somewhere she used to love, or maybe when a song you guys loved comes on, theses moments can hurt the most.

78) Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines - This song compares life being in a band, to life at sea. Leaving behind people and things you love, because you have the opportunity to discover something better for your family. You realize that your personal belongings aren't as heavy as the pressure on you emotionally, so your glad you have fans to play to, so you can enjoy blowing off steam.

79) Panic At The Disco - Northern Downpour - I've enjoyed everything Panic has done since they started making music, but I like Panic without the ! better. Their second album is self-described as rock, but it came out folky, and sounds great. This song very much reminds me of The Beatles, particularly, Hey Jude. Ryan Ross says about the song:"It was about touring, and girlfriends, and love, and everything that's been important to us in the past few years."

80) Panic At The Disco - Behind the Sea - Ryan Ross takes over lead vocals on this song, which is quite dreamlike, with Beatles-like lyrics about a vivid imagination.

81) Panic At The Disco - She Had the World - This song reminds me of an old music box. It's a really shallow song, about a guy who really liked a girl, but she was busy with someone else. Years later she has everything she wants, except him. He gets with her, but he lets her know that he'll never love her, he's only there passing the time, waiting for someone else more exciting to come along.

82) Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's blew up, with this simple, love song. It's about a couple in a long distance relationship. He writes Delilah this song so she could always hear him when she misses him. The songs paints a beautiful picture of a future they can have, they just need to wait a little longer, and then all the waiting, and distance, will pay off.

83) The Postal Service - Nothing Better - I wish I could take all of Give Up on my island, but this one's my favorite. This song describes two very intellectual people, arguing over the status of their relationship. The male giving reasons why they should be together forever, and the female giving reasons why it's over. The female ultimately wins, telling him, that while he makes a great case, he ruined his chance, so it's time to say goodbye.

84) Radiiohead - No Surprises - I'm not sure how I only ended up with only one Radiohead song on here, but it's one of the best. This song is about a man pushed to the brink. He realizes that everything he does, and lives for, is meaningless. He just wants a quiet life, with no surprises.

85) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Universally Speaking - My dad doesn't really like the Chili Peppers, because he says that all their songs sound the same. I'll admit that they haven't really changed their sound for a while, but in 2002 when they released By the Way , the noticeably tweaked their sound a little bit. Sometimes though, when I'm listening to a song of theirs, I'm wondering if they were more worried about it rhyming, or making sense. I've listened to this song, read the lyrics, read forums, and still come out empty-handed on this one.

86) Regina Spektor - Us - This song is about the questions everyone has, when in a relationship. She then begins to fantasize about her relationship being the exact epitome of love, so much so that the world erects statues on mountains, in their honor.

87) Rilo Kiley - A Man/Me/Then Jim - This song is very interesting, the tells three stories, all intertwined, from the perspective of an outside observer. The first verse takes place at a funeral, for a man named Jim who recently committed suicide. The second verse takes place describing "me", who would be the singer, but not the narrator. "Me," is a telemarketer, who calls the narrator to sell her an item. The narrator turns "me" down, and then asks if something is wrong. "Me" goes on to explain, that her husband is leaving, and taking their daughter with him. She's frustrated, because as a saleswoman, she supposed to sell items people would want. But in reality, she doesn't know what anyone, even her family, needs. The third verse is about Jim, who just left his wife. He's driving to his ex's house. When he gets there, he pleads for her to take him back, but she firmly denies him. Presumably, this is when he commits suicide, leading to the funeral at the beginning.

88) Say Anything - Wow, I Can get Sexual Too - Say Anything doesn't write songs about the glitter and glam of being a rock star. He writes songs about his drug problem, his mental breakdown, his most uncomfortable situations, and his distaste for those people who think they're really cool. This song couldn't get anymore honest, but you should watch the video, especially since Henry Winkler shows up. Embedding was disabled so here's the ur:l

89) Say Hi to Your Mom - -Sweet Sweet Heartkiller - This guy has an unhealthy obsession with vampires, he wrote a whole album about them, with this song about falling in love with one.

90) The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved - This is a song about a man who is broken. He's so distraught over losing the one he loves, so he's going to the place where they first met. He's willing to make a fool out of himself for as long as needed, if it means she'll notice and come back to him.

91) Snow Patrol - How To Be Dead - I wasn't to familiar with Snow Patrol until I heard this album, and the first track hooked me, about a man's battle with himself. This man has a drug problem, but his girlfriend thought they were past that. One night he relapses again, and she isn't to happy. He tries to explain to her that while he knows that he's broken promises many times, he know what he wants, and that's her. The ending is left ambiguous, as he notes that it's like Jekyll and Hyde, between himself and the addiction.

92) Smoking Popes - Follow The Sound - I could listen to every song on Destination Failure, it's a phenomenal album. This is a love song about hoping when you both die, you'll be together again in some in some way, shape, or form.

93) The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - This is one of the first songs I remember enjoying listening to. My parents used to play it since I was little and it's been stuck with me ever since. Morrissey, continuing his tradition of writing down songs, wrote this one about a guy down on his luck. He's quite miserable, and begins to wonder why he commits time and energy to pleasing people, who don't seem to care about him.

94) Sugarcult - Memory - This song reminds us that we could never completely forget something we enjoyed, in this case a relationship. His memories about it are still vivid, not just on when they were happy though. He begins to wonder what would have resulted if only a couple of things were different, and then wonders if he's still a memory of hers.

95) Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure - I'm not really a hugh fan of TBS, and their music only got worse from here. But this song reminds me of fun times, so I love it. This song is about falling for someone really hard, but they're not into you so much. You're trying to figure out how you can make yourself mean more to them, but you'll settle for a cheap fix. Maybe even break them down, so they won't want to leave.

96) The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition - I've been in love with this song since I heard it in (500) Days of Summer. This is such a feel-good song, it's the song I want to be listening to, as I driving into the city, and I see the lights illuminate the skyline. When asked about the meaning of it they said: " When we're young, we act first and think later. But as adults, we rationalize everything. Basically, the song is about capturing the innocence of youth."

97) Toadies - Tyler - The title is a reference to a town in Texas, where a stalking case occurred. This stalker lust over a girl, fantasizing about running away with her, but being too much of a coward to say anything. He decides though, that he's gonna be with her, no matter what.

98) Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun - This has quickly become my favorite song of theirs, and I'm not even close to getting played out yet. Ezra Koenig talked about his inspiration: " I got the idea for the song from a book my Dad gave me called Giving Up The Gun . It's a history book about the time when Japan expelled all the foreigners from the country, closed off all trade, and stopped using guns and reverted back to the sword. It seems unimaginable now that humanity could willingly go back to an older technology. It got me thinking about whether you could give up the things that you have and go back to a simpler way of life."

99) The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving - To me, there's not many songs sadder than this one. The song is about breaking up, but being stuck in a routine. He uses metaphors perfectly, in order to convey exactly how we think, and behave as humans when we're sad. His loves this city, and he feels like the city loves him, and maybe it's suffering with him. He habitually, by accident goes to places that they shared, place she may be at. He's trying to move on, trying to forget her, but keeps falling on down. He eventually comes to understand that as memories fade, the pain will dwindle, but not without it first getting worse, and then intense loneliness.

100) Weezer - Island In the Sun - I could've picked any song off the Blue Album, and been satisfied. But this song just makes me want to initiate a group hug. This song is more about knowing there's going to be a better tomorrow. In the song he's on vacation and kind of lonely, because he doesn't have anyone with him. He begins to describe the perfect place, this island, where they can have endless amounts of fun, and be so happy, they're not even going to know what to do. He asks someone, to run away with him. They can be together forever, never knowing pain anymore, in the special paradise.

Our taste in music changes naturally, most likely responding to how we're feeling. If you would have asked me a year ago to do this, it would be a completely different list. So let's see what it's like next year.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stranded on an Island Playlist, Part 3

So it's time for todays 25 songs, so let's jump in.

51) Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere - I really like Hot Hot Heat. I thought Elevator was great, and Happiness Ltd. was pretty good too. But this song stands out to me. I see it about a guy who's going kinda nuts. He's having trouble dealing with something but his girl is there for him.He realizes that she didn't have to put up with him, she could have just left with an easy out and carried on life with her friends. I think in some way, he's trying to say thanks.

52) Howie Day - Ghost - A great song by Howie Day, and no it's not about locking girls in your tour bus bathroom. The man in the song is crippled by memories, in effect the ghost, of this relationship. He still loves her, and contemplates trying to get her back, but he doesn't even try, because this ghost denies him of all his will. Everything he does, he remembers doing it with her, and finally concedes that he just wants her back.

53) Jack Johnson - Flake - This is the first Jack Johnson song I ever heard. I still think he puts out great stuff, but this song off his first album is still my favorite of his. With absolutely no certainty, I think this song is about someone who keeps putting him off. He likes this person, but every time they make plans, she flakes. He gets fed up, and tells her while not giving up, he would like a yes or no.

54) Interpol - Obstacle 1 - One of the best band around, with all three of their albums being very good. But I honestly have no clue as to the meaning of this song, so let's just cut to commercial.

55) Incubus - Echo - Not really a big fan of them but I love this song. Interestingly enough, they wrote a great love song here, as It conveys fear and love, almost simultaneously, but perfectly. You're noticing all the little things about someone, that makes you love them either more. And you've opened up every aspect of yourself, and shared yourself completely with this person, which makes you feel vulnerable and scared. So you're asking this person to open up with you, to show you something you've not seen, something "infinitely interesting."

56) The Hush Sound - Where We Went Wrong - I'm disappointed this band is on hiatus, because I think Bob and Greta wrote great songs together. I also think that they're second album was the best, but that's just me. This song is about two lovers, who are at the end of their relationship. It's not an angry break-up, as they are able to openly discuss where they think they went wrong. They have the desire to be together, but not the will to make it work.

57) The Hush Sound - Out Through the Curtain - Bob Morris (who wrote this song), says that this song is about being afraid to leave the house because of the fear of being bullied. Absolutely one of the dorkiest things I've ever heard. But I think this song can also be taken as a song about regret. Maybe realizing your life has passed you by, and it really hasn't amounted to much. But you'll get em next time.

58) Jack's Mannequin - Bruised - I think that Andrew McMahon is one of the best songwriters around. He has a way of putting so much emotion into his lyrics, and you start to feel for him. Bruised is a song about those things you left behind for what you thought was a better opportunity. You weren't ready to give up on those things, but you don't think you have a choice. He still wants these things, but leaving them behind means they're not his anymore. So on his way home, he begins to get anxious, because he's afraid to see these things again, namely the girl he left behind.

59) Jack's Mannequin - Rescued - This song elaborates more the relationship he left behind in Bruised. The couple knows that they don't have much more time to be together, since he's leaving. She's going out of her way to accommodate him, giving what he wants when he wants it. This makes him feel horrible, and begins to depress him. Ironically enough, the only thing that will make him feel better is her. He doesn't feel like he deserves to be "rescued" from this, but she will.

60) Jens Lekman - A Postcard To Nina - Jens tells a great story here, about the funny events that ensue when he goes to visit a friend. But I'll let him tell you about it.

61) John Mayer - St. Patrick's Day - I think John Mayer is pretty cool, and I love Room for Squares. This song is about wanting to not be alone. The song also talks about how the holidays can remind us how alone we are. So you try to make a relationship work with someone you don't have a lot in common with, but you would rather do that than be alone.

62) Jude - I Do - I may have mentioned that some songs on this list are bummers, but this one is their daddy. This song explains its self, and it's quite a story. The man in the song hear expresses the purest form of love, he just wants her to live a happy life, even if it doesn't involve him. He's getting invited to her wedding, and begins to reminisce about how they thought they would be together forever. He concludes that he can't bear to see her getting married, but if she's happy, he'll be able to move on.

63) The Killers - Change Your Mind - The Killer's, Hot Fuss, is another one of my favorite albums. This song is simple, yet great. A song about wanting to take the next step in your relationship. He clearly likes her, but he's not sure if she feels the same. He wants to know if he has any chance with her, and if not, wether he can change her mind.

64) The Killers - Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits wrote a great song here about love and tragedy, hence the title. But when The Killers performed this song at Abby Road, they really nailed it. The song is about a relationship that didn't work out. They still love each other, and Romeo tries to reignite things, but Juliet turns him down, not realizing that they're perfect for each other, only that it was bad timing. Romeo tries to to reason with her, about promises they made, and moments they shared, but it seems as if Juliet is not having it. Not cool.

65) Kings of Leon - Knocked Up - Kings of Leon are known for the loud, rowdy, raucous, music. But this song they tone it down a bit, and I think it works great. A song about being determined to beat the odds. You got your girlfriend pregnant, and against grandma's wishes, you're gonna keep it. Not only are you guy gonna keep it, you're gonna run away and start a life/family together. The chances of this playing out well, are quite miniscule, but you being stubborn and/or determined, are confident that it's gonna work out.

66) Kings of Leon - Revelry - Another slower song by them, but one of my favorites. The title describes the only thing on this guy mind, while being in a relationship. He enjoyed being with her, but liked partying more. She gets fed up with it and leaves him. This song is basically an apology, as he acknowledges his mistakes, while asking for her back.

67) Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push - Lupe has a great style of hip-hop, alot of it stemming from the fact that he uses live instruments. This song is just about doing something you love, to provide a distraction from a bad situation. Fun and simple.

68) Matisyahu - We Will Walk - Matisyahu is an interesting artist, probably being the only Hasidic Jew, to also be a rapper. But he got mad flows, and has a unique musical style. Don't really know what this song is about though, but it could be as simple being able to press on when things get tough. It's great though, as well as the rest of the album.

69) Maroon 5 - Goodnight, Goodnight - This was my favorite song off their last album, and it can be taken a couple of different ways. The way I see it, it's about a relationship falling apart, where both are at fault. He realizes though, that things need to change, but she's not willing to. Since he can't do it by himself, he's ending the relationship, in turn saying "goodnight" , and wishes her the best.

70) Modest Mouse - The World at Large - This song seems to be about finding your role. Traveling around, impulsively, trying to find a place to fit in, your reasoning being that if the world around you can change so much, why can't I.

71) Morrissey - Alma Matters - Morrissey is definitely one of the best singer/song-writers of all time. He rocked with The Smiths, and still rocks now. In this song Morrissey seems to be telling someone to butt out, even if you think I'm making a bad decision. "It's my life to ruin my own way." he declares.

72) Morrissey - Disappointed - I believe this song is more than him naming off things that disappoint him, but I can't say for sure.

73) Motion City Soundtrack - Hold Me Down - This band had incredible range. One minute they're crazy quirky, and then next they'll give us a song apologizing for your prolonged drug problem. This song is one of they're deeper ones. He wakes up one morning to find a letter from his girlfriend. In the letter, she explains that she won't be coming back,due to something (most likely his drug problem) holding her down. She tells him that maybe they can reassess they're relationship after the had some time off. She tells him how much she loves him, and then begins to contemplate if she's strong enough to do this.

74) Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night - This song is very unique, since it tells it's story backwards. You get the end, middle, and then what caused everything. The song starts off with him telling us how upset he is about what happened last night. He's not sure if he's gonna be okay, and he's worried about a relapse turning into a full-blown meltdown. The second verse is him coming home, and seeing that his girlfriend moved out, so he finds some pills, downs them, and proceeds to hallucinate all night. The last verse is him at a party with his girlfriend. She asks if they could step outside for a second, and in the cold, pouring rain, she tells him that it's over.

75) Muse - Starlight - This is not your typical Muse song, and took me forever to decide between this one, and Time Is Running Out. This song is about a guy who leaves his woman, but instead of being bitter, they promised each other they will be together again. And even if it doesn't quite happen as soon as they hoped, he'll continue to chase her, even until forever.

Stranded on an Island Playlist, Part 2

Alright, so it's time for part two of the playlist. So here we go.

26) The Cure - A Letter to Elise - Another song about a dying relationship, while at the same time, being able to accept it. Knowing that you love someone, and maybe they don't love you as much as they once did. When the relationship began, you were so happy, but it's not the same anymore, and you can't justify trying to make it work any longer.

27) Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated - So I have three songs by Dashboard on my list, and while I know they can be super-corny/cheesy sometimes, I still dig em. To me this song is about self-realization. About being in a relationship with someone who you think is great, at the cost of changing everything you are, and holding yourself back. Then finally ending the relationship, so you could "be yourself," only to realize what the person saw in you to begin with.

28) Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down - About a nervous guy on a first date, leading to the perfect night. If you had to die, you'd go now, because it doesn't get better then this night. Fun, happy song.

29) Dashboard Confessional - As Lovers Go - Dashboard goes back to corny with this song. A relationship that almost seems to perfect, that motives start getting questioned. The other just saying that if it's easy, then don't complicate it, because it's just wonderful right now.

30) Death Cab for Cutie - A Movie Script Ending - I love Death Cab for Cutie. I think Ben Gibbard is some kind of musical genius. But I still can't figure out how he got Zooey Deschanel to marry him. I suspect mind control, or pod people. Either way, this song is a great song about returning home. You go home, and become flooded with memories, because not much has changed. The look, smell, people, are all familiar, and you begin to think about when you just wanted to leave, and you did, leaving someone you care about behind.

31) Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body - Not really sure on this one. Great song though. Almost like a combination of, death, love, and not wanting to lose someone. How about the video?

32) Death Cab for Cutie - What Sarah Said - A song about reflecting on how short life is, while in a hospital, waiting for a loved one to die. And then thinking about how there's no better way to show someone you love them, then by being there when they go. And then you wonder if they're gone, who's gonna be there when you die?

33) Death Cab for Cutie - The New Year - Transatlanticism is definitely one of my favorite albums ever. This opening track is fun, and it seems to just be about that. Living in the moment, and not limiting yourself to a particular resolution, because your just having a good time not holding back.

34) Death Cab for Cutie - Tiny Vessels - This one's a bummer, about a cheap, summer fling. He goes to California and meets a beautiful girl, who he says he loves, just so he could be with her. He knows he doesn't feel anything for her, and she senses it, but he puts on a gameface so he can continue the fling before he leaves her.

35) Deep Ella - Last Year's new Thing - Not many people know Deep Ella, I don't think they're signed. They're a band from Houston, who are a little similar to Blue October with the lyrics. This song is kind of hard to interpret. I'm even sure what all the lyrics are. So how bout you just listen to it. Wouldn't recommend trying to download it from here though.

36) Doves - There Goes the Fear - Great song that was most recently, off the (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack. A song about letting go of fear and anxiety, and taking a chance with someone you care about. Fun stuff.

37) DeVotchKa - The Clockwise Witness - A very interesting song by a very interesting band. Not entirely sure what this song means, but a couple of ideas come to mind. The narrator is uncomfortable doing something that is against his nature. He's going to stop whatever it is he's doing, knowing that it's going to hurt someone he cares about, and asks for forgiveness.

38) DeVotchKa - How It Ends - This song is quite powerful, and intriguing. Appears to be about someone who is facing death, facing the inevitable. They reflect over life, and are content, because they have faith that they lived a good life, and they feel comfortable knowing how their story will end.

39) Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes - 40 Day Dream - These guys are definitely some strange people and I have absolutely no idea about what this one is about. Probably wrote it about something he saw on an acid trip. But this song is a great, catchy, fun song.

40) Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight - Clapton is definitely a legend, as well as one of the greatest guitar players of all time. This is a feel good song, about an evening with someone whom you think is just is "wonderful." Classic.

41) Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy Tonight - FOB isn't even close to being great musicians but they've made some pretty darn good pop/punk songs. A song about a guy, pleading to a girl, to give him a chance. Because he can treat her better and appreciate her more than anyone else can.

42) Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down - This is the one that made them popular, and those losers who talk about them selling out need to can it, because this is a great song. It has pretty much the same meaning though as the last one. He wants this girl, but is getting denied, so he tells her that if he's gonna go down, he's going down swinging.

43) Fall Out Boy - The (After) Life of the Party - This song is alot different than any other song of theirs. But it's one of my favorites. Sounds like there's a bunch of references to getting high, but I could be totally wrong.

44) Everclear - Wonderful - This song can really hits home. It tells the story of a kid being tormented by the ending of his parents marriage. Just wishing things were different, not wanting to accept the upcoming changes, and wanting to be happy again. Sad song.

45) The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt.1 - Love The Flaming Lips, but they're crazy. This song is about pink robots, and a robot fighter named Yoshimi.

46) The Fray - Look After You - A very sappy song about love. Almost sounds like a marriage proposal, asking her to be with him forever.

47) Green Day -Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day has alot of great songs, and I probably picked the sappiest of them all. This song is about the anniversary of his fathers death. Obviously, it happened in September, and even though it's been seven years since he died, every time this month approaches, he's reminded of what his father taught him, and how much he meant to him.

48) Gym Class Heroes - Taxi Driver - This is just a cool song, from their second album, where they name check about twenty-seven different names of bands they like.

49) Hellogoodbye - Dear Jaime... Sincerely Me - I really like Hellogoodbye, and I think they're getting better as a group, but this one is one of their first. A story about a guy who is terrified to tell a girl how he feels. So he decides to write a letter to her to express himself, but starts to worry about what it should say.

50) Hellogoodbye - When We First Met - This is one of Hellogoobye's newest songs. It's a feel-good song about thinking how long you've been with someone, and how it's been great the whole time. Can't wait for them to drop another album.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stranded on an Island Playlist - Part 1

Let say hypothetically, I get stranded on on island. Hopefully on the pretty one pictured above. I am alone, except for 100 songs of my choosing. I recently complied a playlist of 100 songs that i would take with me. Songs that mean alot to me, while others, are just fun to listen to. So I'm going to be listing 25 songs everyday until we get my hundred. Now I'm not gonna try to list by my favorite, as it took me long enough to pick out theses songs. I just going to list them alphabetically by artists. So here we go with my songs that I could bare to be stranded with forever.

1) Arcade Fire - Wake Up - I love Funeral. That album is just great. But "Wake Up" stands out to me. To me, it's a song about growing up. Growing up, while acknowledging the mistakes we've made, and the fun we've had. Growing up, while dealing with the consequences of our actions, as we transition form child, to teenagers, and then to adults.

2) Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery - Fun song about someone trying to find love. Someone who knows there's love out the for him but he just has to find it, that small moment where they meet and just feel it. But he can't because he busy with his band.

3) Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You - It's hard to determine if this is a love song, or a goodbye song. I think it's about a relationship that's dying. How one person in the relationship loves the other one unconditionally like no one ever will. But as the relationship dies, it gets harder because everything they see, and feel, is a reminder of how things once were.

4) Band of Horses - The Funeral - This songs amazing, as it's very thought provoking. This one's open to interpretation. Let's just watch the video.

5) Band of Horses - Part One - Listening to the lyrics, it's seems like this songs is about a guy struggling with a problem. At his lowest point, someone he loves picks him up. He's able to count on this person for support, and as a distraction from his problem. He realizes that all he needs to be happy, is this person he loves, so they run away.

6) The Beatles - I Should Have Known Better - It's really hard to pick your favorite songs the The Beatles, but I ended up going with three. The first is a fun love song from A Hard Day's Night, about being able to tell someone you love them, and knowing they're gonna say it back.

7) The Beatles - In My Life - This songs a little bit deeper. About your fondest memories. About those places, those people, those things, that mean the most to you, and how you will always love and remember them, no matter where you go.

8) The Beatles - All My Loving - Another fun love song by The Beatles. This one's about having to leave someone you love, but promising to stay true to them, while you're apart. Because you know you'll be together again soon.

9) Blink 182 - All of This - To me this song's about a guy involved with two girls. One, you genuinely love, the other you love to lust over. You feel guilty because you know you're hurting the one you love, yet you don't want to call it quits with the other one. You realize that this will soon end, as both will find out, and the two sides of your world will collide.

10) Bloc Party - Blue Light - Another song open to interpretation. It seems to be about a break-up, though, about being lonely. His loneliness follows him, and he finds it everywhere, leading to depression. He has trouble coping and continuing his life, socially.

11) Blue October - A Quiet Mind - Blue October is definitely one of my favorite bands. In fact, I have more songs by Blue October in this list (9), then any other artist. I know not everyone likes them, but when you listen to a song like this, there's no denying how much thought-provoking emotion went into the making of it. This song is definitely one of my favorites,not only of theirs, but in general. This song is about someone who is completely unstable, they suffer from Schizophrenia. But he finds his mind is at peace when he is with this person he loves. They give him "a quiet mind." This song is beautiful to me.

12) Blue October - Clumsy Card House - To me this is about people who love each other in a relationship with unfavorable conditions. There are certain variables, that if in effect, can knock the relationship down, like a "clumsy card house." But it's a hopeful song, as they hope for their love to succeed, leading to a better future.

13) Blue October - Calling You - Just a freaking, happy, love song. About loving someone so much, you know in your heart your life wouldn't be any good without them. Even when you're not together, you're thinking about how much they mean to you, and how lucky you are to have them.

14) Blue October - Everlasting Friend - This one could mean lot's of things. I see it being about multiple relationships, and being able to learn more about them from one failing, as opposed to one lasting, which somehow is remarkably true. The failing of the relationship gave him insight on how his next one should ensue, and so on. Which eventually leads to him making one work with his "everlasting friend."

15) Blue October - 18th Floor Balcony - Easily one of the best love songs ever made. About being in the perfect moment with the one you love, never wanting it to end. And when you go to sleep, you're gonna try to take this moment with you, because even in fantasy, it couldn't get any better.

16) Blue October - Balance Beam - About a girl he feels really good about. To early to tell if it will last. It's about the first date, being nervous, trying to impress, while not making a fool of yourself. Luckily we are provided with a four-step process to put us at ease.

17) Blue October - Weight of the World (Live) - This is a song about a man who feels that he has so much pressure on him, he starts to breakdown. He begins to reflect on his life to try point to a moment that led to his emotional breakdown. He pleads with the world to leave him alone, so he can finally have some peace.

18) Blue October - The 21st - About a man who attempted suicide. His family is so distraught over what he tried to do, they have subconsciously withdrawn from him, which makes the situation worse. He struggles to find people to give him support, while being reminded of how helpless he is.

19) Blue October - Blue Sunshine - Last Blue October song, I swear. Now I was really hoping there was a deeper meaning to this song, but there isn't. I'm going to give you quote from the man who wrote it, Mr. Justin Furstenfeld: " First time I dropped a tab of acid. I watched my girlfriend sleep the whole night." That was definitely disappointing. But the music is beautiful though.

20) Bon Iver - Lump Sum - This song may seem like random pretty words strewed together, but I assure you, it's not, especially if you consider the context in which the song, and whole album, were written. After the break-up of his relationship, and then his band, Justin Vernon retreated to a isolated cabin in the Wisconsin woods, to de-stress. Which is exactly what this song is about. Releasing the stress and anxiety of the break-up, and finding the will to carry on, so he can be whole again. This album is just incredible.

21) Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing) - I believe this song is about a loss of innocence. Being in a relationship with someone you thought you had a future with, and then getting burned. You realize that this experience has changed you for the worse. You stop caring about love and become consumed in one night stands, caring absolutely nothing about how she feels, as long as you feel great for even a second. And even though you're a jerk, it doesn't bother you, because your conscience was killed after you initially got burned.

22) Coconut Records - West Coast - A song about being away for a while and getting lonely, missing someone you had to leave behind. But you're also excited because your going back home to see the people you miss. This song is catchy as heck.

23) Coldplay - Don't Panic - Had a hard time picking only one Coldplay song, but I went with this one. This song could have multiple meanings but it seems quite optimistic. Like even if things get bad, I live in a great place with great people.

24) The Cure - High - Only three songs from The Cure on my list, which sucks because I probably could've picked a hundred songs by them to listen to forever. But this one is just happy. Being absolutely infatuated with someone, noticing every little detail about them, only making you love them more. What a great song.

25) The Cure - Cut Here - Robert Smith wrote this song about a friend who committed suicide, but also intended it to have a double meaning as a love song. Maybe not even a love song really, more about the one who got away. A story about how maybe if you accepted a date, or a drink, his life could be different. He could get the one he loves, or save the friend he lost.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Favorite Modern Batman Artists

I put together a list of my 5 favorite modern Batman artist

1) JG Jones - Even though he hasn't done much Batman work, I still find the little he does, incredible. His Batman covers are nothing short of amazing. Would love to see him on a monthly.

2) Tony S Daniel - He really came onto his own in R.I.P. He has a very sleek style, and every panel looks great. He's doing phenomenal double duty work on the Batman monthly.

3) JH Williams III - Some of the most innovative panel layouts i've ever seen. His is also master of great color schemes. His recent run on Detective Comics was gorgeous as well. Can't wait to see him doing bats again.

4) Frank Quitely- His first three issues of Batman and Robin were wonderful. His action sequences read flawlessly, and his panel layout, and sound effects, were also very unique. I'm glad were still getting covers by him, and I hope he returns to interiors soon.

5) Jim Lee - A few of years ago he would have been at the top of the list, but he hasn't recently drawn Batman. His work on Hush, and All-Star were so good though, that his name on this list were a no-brainer. I hope he and Frank Miller will finish telling their story someday.

Those were just my personal favorites. There are some many great artist though, that it was hard to choose just five. I would like to mention though, that I'm very excited to see Gary Frank's take on Batman in his upcoming OGN with Geoff Johns.

Comic Book Review: Batman and Robin #10

In short Batman and Robin #10 was phenomenal. Why? Well, if you've been reading Batman and Robin you know a couple of things already:
1) Bruce Wayne is lost in time, but he is coming back
2) That Dr. Hurt would return to finish what he started in R.I.P
3) We know about the mysterious Domino Killer who is being tracked by the equally if not more mysterious Oberon Sexton
4) The main bad guy calling the shots is someone we only know as El Penitente who is leaving clues in the form of dominos.

But with these things comes some crazy questions. Like, how will Bruce Wayne make his way to the present, and will he be the same? Who is the Domino Killer? Who is Oberon Sexton? Are El Penitente and Dr. Hurt the same guy? And what is Dr. Hurt's identity and ultimate goal? Some many questions.

So the issue starts pretty quick with Damian addressing the Wayne Enterprises board members pointing out some interesting irregularities in the numbers. Dick and Oberon are elsewhere comparing notes on the Domino Killer. Dick is called back to Wayne Manor by Alfred who explains that while examining the Family portraits he notices that when hung in the correct order, that they seem to tell a story. They notice though, that one portrait is missing. That of Thomas Wayne, who lived in the 1760s, and is regarded as the "black sheep" of the family. Batman, Robin and Alfred conclude that Bruce (who is stuck in the past) is trying to leave them clues throughout the manor as to his whereabouts. Dick assigns Alfred to looking up historical records of the Waynes, while he and Robin search through the pictures which leads them to the library.

Meanwhile, Oberon Sexton is contacted by El Penitente, who tells him that since he did not strike at Batman while he had the chance, he would now have a price to pay. "The Mexican Train is on it's way." he warns. Four oddly dressed assassins make the way to Mr. Sexton's room, but it's too late, as Oberon is already out the window.

Back at the Wayne Manor, Batman and Robin are exploring the library, while Alfred, in the Batmobile, gives them info about the Wayne's is the portraits. Damian begins to ponder his place in the Bat-Family if his father comes back. But Dick, who say he can just go back to Nightwing, discover a secret passage behind the fireplace that leads to a room lined with suits or armor.

We get a flashback sequence showing Damian talking to his mother while recovering from his spine replacement. She tells him that he must abandon crime fighting so he can live up to his destiny and conquer the world. She claims that Alfred and Dick are trying to brainwash him, not letting him live up to his full potential. He begins to defend the former boy wonder, but is interrupted by Talia saying that it is time to obey his mother's commands and end Grayson, "I will not be your weapon against them, mother.' says Damian. And the scene ends with Talia responding with a very cryptic "We'll see."

Back to the present, and Batman and Robin are exploring the secret passage. Dick goes to the middle of the hall, and kneels. The floor has bat painted on it, with a rose in the center. Suddenly, Damian, not in control of his actions, grabs a sword and swings at Dick. But Dick falls through the center of the rose, which is a secret tunnel as well. Damian realizes his mother can control him whenever she wants and runs out of the mansion. Dick, underneath the manor, discovers a "secret Batcave." The name Thomas is scribbled multiple times on the wall, with the larger word "Barbatos" running through it. Damian, now outside, is running through what appears to be a Wayne cemetary. He is snatched by Oberon Sexton who appears suddenly and exclaims "They're everywhere!" , referring to the group of villains that attempted to murder him earlier, who are now moving toward Wayne Manor. The issue ends with Oberon saying "I'm here to help."

The issue overall is great, as it begins to unravel the mystery surrounding Bruce Wayne's whereabouts. But it's also frustrating as so many new questions arise. That's the brilliant thing about Morrison. He can gives us answers without giving us the solution. His entire run on Batman has been one long epic, that probably won't stop with the mystery until Mr. Morrison stops writing the caped crusader for good. Also want to mention how great Andy Clarke's pencils were. While not a memorable as Quitely's, I definitely think there an upgrade from Tan's if not Stewart. Can't wait until April 7 for #11.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Classic Celeb Mugshot of the Week

Mr. Jack Bauer himself. Not sure why he looks like he's engaged in a staring contest with whomever is taking the picture, but he is. Looks like he's about to interrogate somebody. That stare would make Batman proud. I give it one cast of Batman and Robin.


Let's add a couple of names in the Captain America race. First, apparently all three of the Jonas Brothers auditioned for the role. The Jonas Brothers. For Captain America. These guys. For this. Wow. Ok whatever. Another WTF name in the list is Dane Cook. Yes the same Dane Cook who was in such cinematic masterpieces such as Good Luck Chuck, and Employee of the Month. This guy. This is Captain America people. In a related story Mark Millar say he already won the role and that he will also be writing and directing the movie.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mark Millar Planning A Nemesis Movie

So once again Mark Millar talks about a movie he's going to make. Where does he come up with the time to write half a comic book series and make movies. Add that he with the time he spends making up stories about more movies he's gonna make. He must be a very busy man.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mark Millar To Direct Scottish Superhero Movie, Still Thinks He Was Gonna Do Superman reports that Mark Millar is set to direct an "Epic Scottish superhero movie." Millar says that he expects filming to start in June or July. Hopefully it won't follow the same schedule of that Superman movie he's writing.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Classic Celeb Mugshot of the Week

One of the best mugshots of all time. I wonder where i can get that shirt? I give it 4 and 1/2 drunk Rex Grossmans.