Thursday, March 11, 2010

Favorite Modern Batman Artists

I put together a list of my 5 favorite modern Batman artist

1) JG Jones - Even though he hasn't done much Batman work, I still find the little he does, incredible. His Batman covers are nothing short of amazing. Would love to see him on a monthly.

2) Tony S Daniel - He really came onto his own in R.I.P. He has a very sleek style, and every panel looks great. He's doing phenomenal double duty work on the Batman monthly.

3) JH Williams III - Some of the most innovative panel layouts i've ever seen. His is also master of great color schemes. His recent run on Detective Comics was gorgeous as well. Can't wait to see him doing bats again.

4) Frank Quitely- His first three issues of Batman and Robin were wonderful. His action sequences read flawlessly, and his panel layout, and sound effects, were also very unique. I'm glad were still getting covers by him, and I hope he returns to interiors soon.

5) Jim Lee - A few of years ago he would have been at the top of the list, but he hasn't recently drawn Batman. His work on Hush, and All-Star were so good though, that his name on this list were a no-brainer. I hope he and Frank Miller will finish telling their story someday.

Those were just my personal favorites. There are some many great artist though, that it was hard to choose just five. I would like to mention though, that I'm very excited to see Gary Frank's take on Batman in his upcoming OGN with Geoff Johns.

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