Friday, March 12, 2010

Stranded on an Island Playlist - Part 1

Let say hypothetically, I get stranded on on island. Hopefully on the pretty one pictured above. I am alone, except for 100 songs of my choosing. I recently complied a playlist of 100 songs that i would take with me. Songs that mean alot to me, while others, are just fun to listen to. So I'm going to be listing 25 songs everyday until we get my hundred. Now I'm not gonna try to list by my favorite, as it took me long enough to pick out theses songs. I just going to list them alphabetically by artists. So here we go with my songs that I could bare to be stranded with forever.

1) Arcade Fire - Wake Up - I love Funeral. That album is just great. But "Wake Up" stands out to me. To me, it's a song about growing up. Growing up, while acknowledging the mistakes we've made, and the fun we've had. Growing up, while dealing with the consequences of our actions, as we transition form child, to teenagers, and then to adults.

2) Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery - Fun song about someone trying to find love. Someone who knows there's love out the for him but he just has to find it, that small moment where they meet and just feel it. But he can't because he busy with his band.

3) Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You - It's hard to determine if this is a love song, or a goodbye song. I think it's about a relationship that's dying. How one person in the relationship loves the other one unconditionally like no one ever will. But as the relationship dies, it gets harder because everything they see, and feel, is a reminder of how things once were.

4) Band of Horses - The Funeral - This songs amazing, as it's very thought provoking. This one's open to interpretation. Let's just watch the video.

5) Band of Horses - Part One - Listening to the lyrics, it's seems like this songs is about a guy struggling with a problem. At his lowest point, someone he loves picks him up. He's able to count on this person for support, and as a distraction from his problem. He realizes that all he needs to be happy, is this person he loves, so they run away.

6) The Beatles - I Should Have Known Better - It's really hard to pick your favorite songs the The Beatles, but I ended up going with three. The first is a fun love song from A Hard Day's Night, about being able to tell someone you love them, and knowing they're gonna say it back.

7) The Beatles - In My Life - This songs a little bit deeper. About your fondest memories. About those places, those people, those things, that mean the most to you, and how you will always love and remember them, no matter where you go.

8) The Beatles - All My Loving - Another fun love song by The Beatles. This one's about having to leave someone you love, but promising to stay true to them, while you're apart. Because you know you'll be together again soon.

9) Blink 182 - All of This - To me this song's about a guy involved with two girls. One, you genuinely love, the other you love to lust over. You feel guilty because you know you're hurting the one you love, yet you don't want to call it quits with the other one. You realize that this will soon end, as both will find out, and the two sides of your world will collide.

10) Bloc Party - Blue Light - Another song open to interpretation. It seems to be about a break-up, though, about being lonely. His loneliness follows him, and he finds it everywhere, leading to depression. He has trouble coping and continuing his life, socially.

11) Blue October - A Quiet Mind - Blue October is definitely one of my favorite bands. In fact, I have more songs by Blue October in this list (9), then any other artist. I know not everyone likes them, but when you listen to a song like this, there's no denying how much thought-provoking emotion went into the making of it. This song is definitely one of my favorites,not only of theirs, but in general. This song is about someone who is completely unstable, they suffer from Schizophrenia. But he finds his mind is at peace when he is with this person he loves. They give him "a quiet mind." This song is beautiful to me.

12) Blue October - Clumsy Card House - To me this is about people who love each other in a relationship with unfavorable conditions. There are certain variables, that if in effect, can knock the relationship down, like a "clumsy card house." But it's a hopeful song, as they hope for their love to succeed, leading to a better future.

13) Blue October - Calling You - Just a freaking, happy, love song. About loving someone so much, you know in your heart your life wouldn't be any good without them. Even when you're not together, you're thinking about how much they mean to you, and how lucky you are to have them.

14) Blue October - Everlasting Friend - This one could mean lot's of things. I see it being about multiple relationships, and being able to learn more about them from one failing, as opposed to one lasting, which somehow is remarkably true. The failing of the relationship gave him insight on how his next one should ensue, and so on. Which eventually leads to him making one work with his "everlasting friend."

15) Blue October - 18th Floor Balcony - Easily one of the best love songs ever made. About being in the perfect moment with the one you love, never wanting it to end. And when you go to sleep, you're gonna try to take this moment with you, because even in fantasy, it couldn't get any better.

16) Blue October - Balance Beam - About a girl he feels really good about. To early to tell if it will last. It's about the first date, being nervous, trying to impress, while not making a fool of yourself. Luckily we are provided with a four-step process to put us at ease.

17) Blue October - Weight of the World (Live) - This is a song about a man who feels that he has so much pressure on him, he starts to breakdown. He begins to reflect on his life to try point to a moment that led to his emotional breakdown. He pleads with the world to leave him alone, so he can finally have some peace.

18) Blue October - The 21st - About a man who attempted suicide. His family is so distraught over what he tried to do, they have subconsciously withdrawn from him, which makes the situation worse. He struggles to find people to give him support, while being reminded of how helpless he is.

19) Blue October - Blue Sunshine - Last Blue October song, I swear. Now I was really hoping there was a deeper meaning to this song, but there isn't. I'm going to give you quote from the man who wrote it, Mr. Justin Furstenfeld: " First time I dropped a tab of acid. I watched my girlfriend sleep the whole night." That was definitely disappointing. But the music is beautiful though.

20) Bon Iver - Lump Sum - This song may seem like random pretty words strewed together, but I assure you, it's not, especially if you consider the context in which the song, and whole album, were written. After the break-up of his relationship, and then his band, Justin Vernon retreated to a isolated cabin in the Wisconsin woods, to de-stress. Which is exactly what this song is about. Releasing the stress and anxiety of the break-up, and finding the will to carry on, so he can be whole again. This album is just incredible.

21) Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing) - I believe this song is about a loss of innocence. Being in a relationship with someone you thought you had a future with, and then getting burned. You realize that this experience has changed you for the worse. You stop caring about love and become consumed in one night stands, caring absolutely nothing about how she feels, as long as you feel great for even a second. And even though you're a jerk, it doesn't bother you, because your conscience was killed after you initially got burned.

22) Coconut Records - West Coast - A song about being away for a while and getting lonely, missing someone you had to leave behind. But you're also excited because your going back home to see the people you miss. This song is catchy as heck.

23) Coldplay - Don't Panic - Had a hard time picking only one Coldplay song, but I went with this one. This song could have multiple meanings but it seems quite optimistic. Like even if things get bad, I live in a great place with great people.

24) The Cure - High - Only three songs from The Cure on my list, which sucks because I probably could've picked a hundred songs by them to listen to forever. But this one is just happy. Being absolutely infatuated with someone, noticing every little detail about them, only making you love them more. What a great song.

25) The Cure - Cut Here - Robert Smith wrote this song about a friend who committed suicide, but also intended it to have a double meaning as a love song. Maybe not even a love song really, more about the one who got away. A story about how maybe if you accepted a date, or a drink, his life could be different. He could get the one he loves, or save the friend he lost.

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