Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #52

Wow, what an issue. So last month, in Blackest Night #7, we became aware of a secret of the Guardians: Life was born on Earth, leaving them without the authority, or jurisdiction, to guard the universe. Nekron released the white entity, to kill it, ending life, and in his mind, bringing peace to the universe. In a surprise ending, Sinestro took the power of the white light and declared himself "the greatest lantern of them all."

So this issue begins with John Stewart, Kilowog, and other lanterns, fighting the legion of Black Lanterns above coast city. John realizes that something is attracting all the Black Lanterns to Earth, and relays to Hal that all, even the undead planet of Xanshi, are headed to Coast City.

Sinestro begins to talk about his destiny, and the power he now possesses, connecting him to all living organisms. He begins to converse with the white entity, getting visions of the birth of life, the creation of Earth, and the first created organisms. He sees the first organisms who ever willed itself to move, and harnessing the emerald light, it becomes the green entity, Ion.

He flashes forward thousands of years, where some organisms have evolved with the ability to fly. A bug like creature is fleeing for survival, and being the first to emit fear, becomes to entity Parallax. The next panel shows a paradise, with the birth of love being shown. Next we're shown the original serpent in a tree, exhibiting great greed and avarice, it becomes the guardian of orange light. Next, rage is born, from the rock Cain used to slay Abel. A great deluge is shown next, and threw prayer, hope is born. Lastly, a beautiful indigo nebula, being the original compassion. A beautiful two page spread is next, showing Sinestro, with all seven light entities, with the words: "we live."

Nekron then takes his scythe, and slicing Sinestro in half, exclaims, "You Die!" He attempts to remove the white entity from Sinestro, still trying to end all of life. Hal calls to Walker for help with Nekron, and then realizes that the incoming Xanshi is throwing Earth out of axis. He ask John to take Xanshis out, but not before a beam thrown from the dead planet, strikes a body of water on Earth. The beam, results in a tsunami, that begins to engulf Coast City. Hal is able to contain the massive wave, while also being attacked by a group of Black Lanterns. He pleads once more with John, to take Xanshi out.

John, Fatality, and others begin to make their way through Xanshi, and are soon met by Katma Tui. John and Fatality, sever the connection, and John pledges to move on from the tragedy of losing his wife and Xanshi, not letting his guilt consume him anymore.

Back on Earth, Indigo 1 and Saint Walker are attempting to heal Sinestro's wounds, but cannot, seeing as to how their rings can't identify any wounds. The Black Hand tells Hal that he cannot delay death any longer, and all light will now burn out.

Back to Xanshi, and the lantern brigade have now made their way to the center of the planet, where they see the core of thousands of black rings, that are animating the planet. The lanterns combine their power once again, severing the connection to the planet. They make their colorful exit from the planet, and into space.

On Earth, black lanterns begin to die everywhere, and even Nekron is affected by the loss of Xanshi. John Stewart and co, are now back and Earth, and Fatality comments that the remains of Xanshi are falling to Earth. So they create a multi-color barrier, block the black matter from falling to Coast City.

The last page is Sinestro, now fully healed, with the White Entity behind him, saying he is now the true guardian of the universe. A surprises Hal remarks that the White Light is still alive.

The issue was a great action packed ride, setting the stage for the finale, of next week's, Blackest Night #8. I can't wait to see the ending.

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