Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comic Book Review: Nemesis #1

As soon as I heard about the story, I was in. The story poses an interesting question: What would happen, if Batman was evil.? In short, the answer is that he will blow stuff up, and kill people. But he's also a little more complex than that. Nemesis seems to believe that cops are responsible for his lost childhood, a very Bruce Wayne like origin.

I'm not going to spoil this one for you, because I think you should read it for yourself and see how fun it is. I will however provide a short summary of the stage set.

Nemesis is taking out cops. But not just simply killing them, but slowly, meticulously, destroying them. He finds it to be a game; finding the cleanest, finest officers in an area, moving in, assembling a team, and taking him out. He set his eye on an officer in Washington, think him a worthy opponent. Now why would this intelligent officer play along with Nemesis game? Well Nemesis has kidnapped the President, declaring himself the new chief.

Now Millar started quickly with this issue and it worked very well. McNiven however, tried a different approach with this series, giving the characters an intentional ugliness, not quite up to par with Civil War, or Old Man Logan. I am very excited about the series though, and hopefully I won't have to wait three years for the last issue.

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