Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Comic Book Review: Blackest Night #8

The end of Blackest Night is here, and so much happens in this oversized issue. So here we go picking up from Green Lantern #52.

The issue begins with Hal admitting to being afraid of one thing; getting close to people. He knows that eventually, everyone will die, and he doesn't want that pain.

It quickly cuts to Sinestro going one-on-one with Nekron. Sinestro, claiming that he cannot be killed, calls off all other lanterns, and puts Nekron in white chains. He pulls out the exposed heart of Nekron, and with a scream of agony, Nekron is gone leaving his scythe. In his place, a shirtless man with a black lantern emblem on his chest appears. He picks up the scythe, and Nekron once again rises, saying that you can't kill death. He digs is hand into Sinestro, trying to remove the white entity.

Hal and the gang come in for back-up, and Ganthet notes that Sinestro's ego will not allow him to control the white light. Hal begins to volunteer, but Ganthet say that no one can control it. They contemplate what can kill Nekron, when Lex Luthor demands more rings saying he can save the world. Larfleeze attacks Luthor, but all are then attacked telepathically by the Martian Manhunter and the rest of the undead Justice League.

A brawl erupts between the Lanterns, and the dead League who have a large numbers advantage. Indigo-1 calls for back up, and an influx of Lanterns from all different corps appears, along with other unaffected superheroes. Every Lantern then directs their attention the Nekron, drying to take out the source. Deadman takes over Guy Gardner, and tells Hal that in order for Nekron to be defeated, his Earthly tether needs to become living.

But Nekron is still wielding immense amounts of power, and begins to speak of the pointlessness of life, calling it an accident. Barry speeds to the forefront and say it best: "Life doesn't give us purpose. We give life purpose."

Hal zooms directly into the white light, with the result being the White Lantern Corps. It consists of: Superman, Conner, Hal, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Barry, Bart, and Ice.

They all throw their beams toward the Black Hand, proclaiming that they choose to live, and now choose life for him too. The White Entity appears, and puts it hand around William Hand, telling him to live. The newly resurrected Hand coughs up a white rings from his mouth. This white ring flies around the White Lantern Corps, taking their power. It pierces through Nekron, and heads right to the Black Battery, resurrecting the Anti-Monitor.

While the Anti-Monitor and Nekron trade jabs, William Hand begins to cough up more rings. These rings take off, destroying Nekron, while proclaiming "Let There Be Light!"

Theses rings also begin to resurrect Black Lanterns, and a beautiful two page spread shows us theses survivors. They are: Maxwell Lord, Eobard Thawne, Hank Hall, Jade, a young Digger Harkness, Ronnie Raymond, The Martian Manhunter, Arthur Curry, Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, Boston Brand, and finally Osiris.

At the sight of Aquaman, Mera's rage begins to dwindle, and she goes into cardiac arrest since the ring is no longer keeping her alive. Luckily, Carol, and Saint Walker are able to use their powers to save her, and her and Aquaman share a moment.

The Hawks are shown next, and Kendra is listing off the memories now restored to her. Carter is most surprised though, when Hawk Woman removes her cowl to reveal Shiera, and not Kendra,

Next the Martian Manhunter who just smiles. Firestorm then pleads for help, grabs his head, and reverts to reveal Jason, and Ronnie now making up Firestorm.

An angry Hank Hall is next, demanding an explanation.

Max, who appeared next to Guy, is quickly wrapped into a green claw. His nose begins to bleed, and he talks Guy into letting him out, before he disappears.

Jade is shown next, and kisses Kyle Rayner, Next is a startled Osiris who says he just wants to go home.

Barry then rushes a Thawne, while Digger prepares a boomerang. Thawne slips away, and Digger is met with Barry's fist. Barry stops, and wonder where Ralph and Sue are.

Now it's Deadman's turn, who realizes that he is visible, and alive. He is now just Boston Brand.

Larfleeze now steals the show, throwing an unconscious Luthor to the feet of the other Lanterns. He demands the Gaurdian he was promised, and Sayd steps forward. Ganthet immediately challenges it, but Sayd is unconcerned, noting that there are more important things to worry about, such as the disappearance of the Anti-Monitor and William Hand. Saint Walker notices that all the Indigo Tribe is missing as well.

We cut to the planet of the Indigo Tribe, where they lead a chained Black Hand in a catatonic state.

The final pages are Hal and Barry back in Gotham, in the cemetery in which the story started. Barry wonders why everyone wasn't resurrected, and Hal says that "Dead id Dead from here on out," but notes that Bruce Wayne must still be alive since the Black Lantern version didn't recognize them. Barry's final question is about the White Light and it's whereabouts, and Hal responds saying that he can feel it pulling them away from the Blackest Night.

The last page is a crater in the middle of a road, white a white power battery in the center.

This issue was a great ending to the Blackest Night saga, which was excellent from start to finish. Johns gave us a ending, while bringing back our favorite characters for the future. Ivan Reis was also phenomenal the whole series, and can't wait to find out what he's doing next. But as far as future story lines, it looks like the Brightest Day is upon us.

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