Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stranded on an Island Playlist, Part 3

So it's time for todays 25 songs, so let's jump in.

51) Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere - I really like Hot Hot Heat. I thought Elevator was great, and Happiness Ltd. was pretty good too. But this song stands out to me. I see it about a guy who's going kinda nuts. He's having trouble dealing with something but his girl is there for him.He realizes that she didn't have to put up with him, she could have just left with an easy out and carried on life with her friends. I think in some way, he's trying to say thanks.

52) Howie Day - Ghost - A great song by Howie Day, and no it's not about locking girls in your tour bus bathroom. The man in the song is crippled by memories, in effect the ghost, of this relationship. He still loves her, and contemplates trying to get her back, but he doesn't even try, because this ghost denies him of all his will. Everything he does, he remembers doing it with her, and finally concedes that he just wants her back.

53) Jack Johnson - Flake - This is the first Jack Johnson song I ever heard. I still think he puts out great stuff, but this song off his first album is still my favorite of his. With absolutely no certainty, I think this song is about someone who keeps putting him off. He likes this person, but every time they make plans, she flakes. He gets fed up, and tells her while not giving up, he would like a yes or no.

54) Interpol - Obstacle 1 - One of the best band around, with all three of their albums being very good. But I honestly have no clue as to the meaning of this song, so let's just cut to commercial.

55) Incubus - Echo - Not really a big fan of them but I love this song. Interestingly enough, they wrote a great love song here, as It conveys fear and love, almost simultaneously, but perfectly. You're noticing all the little things about someone, that makes you love them either more. And you've opened up every aspect of yourself, and shared yourself completely with this person, which makes you feel vulnerable and scared. So you're asking this person to open up with you, to show you something you've not seen, something "infinitely interesting."

56) The Hush Sound - Where We Went Wrong - I'm disappointed this band is on hiatus, because I think Bob and Greta wrote great songs together. I also think that they're second album was the best, but that's just me. This song is about two lovers, who are at the end of their relationship. It's not an angry break-up, as they are able to openly discuss where they think they went wrong. They have the desire to be together, but not the will to make it work.

57) The Hush Sound - Out Through the Curtain - Bob Morris (who wrote this song), says that this song is about being afraid to leave the house because of the fear of being bullied. Absolutely one of the dorkiest things I've ever heard. But I think this song can also be taken as a song about regret. Maybe realizing your life has passed you by, and it really hasn't amounted to much. But you'll get em next time.

58) Jack's Mannequin - Bruised - I think that Andrew McMahon is one of the best songwriters around. He has a way of putting so much emotion into his lyrics, and you start to feel for him. Bruised is a song about those things you left behind for what you thought was a better opportunity. You weren't ready to give up on those things, but you don't think you have a choice. He still wants these things, but leaving them behind means they're not his anymore. So on his way home, he begins to get anxious, because he's afraid to see these things again, namely the girl he left behind.

59) Jack's Mannequin - Rescued - This song elaborates more the relationship he left behind in Bruised. The couple knows that they don't have much more time to be together, since he's leaving. She's going out of her way to accommodate him, giving what he wants when he wants it. This makes him feel horrible, and begins to depress him. Ironically enough, the only thing that will make him feel better is her. He doesn't feel like he deserves to be "rescued" from this, but she will.

60) Jens Lekman - A Postcard To Nina - Jens tells a great story here, about the funny events that ensue when he goes to visit a friend. But I'll let him tell you about it.

61) John Mayer - St. Patrick's Day - I think John Mayer is pretty cool, and I love Room for Squares. This song is about wanting to not be alone. The song also talks about how the holidays can remind us how alone we are. So you try to make a relationship work with someone you don't have a lot in common with, but you would rather do that than be alone.

62) Jude - I Do - I may have mentioned that some songs on this list are bummers, but this one is their daddy. This song explains its self, and it's quite a story. The man in the song hear expresses the purest form of love, he just wants her to live a happy life, even if it doesn't involve him. He's getting invited to her wedding, and begins to reminisce about how they thought they would be together forever. He concludes that he can't bear to see her getting married, but if she's happy, he'll be able to move on.

63) The Killers - Change Your Mind - The Killer's, Hot Fuss, is another one of my favorite albums. This song is simple, yet great. A song about wanting to take the next step in your relationship. He clearly likes her, but he's not sure if she feels the same. He wants to know if he has any chance with her, and if not, wether he can change her mind.

64) The Killers - Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits wrote a great song here about love and tragedy, hence the title. But when The Killers performed this song at Abby Road, they really nailed it. The song is about a relationship that didn't work out. They still love each other, and Romeo tries to reignite things, but Juliet turns him down, not realizing that they're perfect for each other, only that it was bad timing. Romeo tries to to reason with her, about promises they made, and moments they shared, but it seems as if Juliet is not having it. Not cool.

65) Kings of Leon - Knocked Up - Kings of Leon are known for the loud, rowdy, raucous, music. But this song they tone it down a bit, and I think it works great. A song about being determined to beat the odds. You got your girlfriend pregnant, and against grandma's wishes, you're gonna keep it. Not only are you guy gonna keep it, you're gonna run away and start a life/family together. The chances of this playing out well, are quite miniscule, but you being stubborn and/or determined, are confident that it's gonna work out.

66) Kings of Leon - Revelry - Another slower song by them, but one of my favorites. The title describes the only thing on this guy mind, while being in a relationship. He enjoyed being with her, but liked partying more. She gets fed up with it and leaves him. This song is basically an apology, as he acknowledges his mistakes, while asking for her back.

67) Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push - Lupe has a great style of hip-hop, alot of it stemming from the fact that he uses live instruments. This song is just about doing something you love, to provide a distraction from a bad situation. Fun and simple.

68) Matisyahu - We Will Walk - Matisyahu is an interesting artist, probably being the only Hasidic Jew, to also be a rapper. But he got mad flows, and has a unique musical style. Don't really know what this song is about though, but it could be as simple being able to press on when things get tough. It's great though, as well as the rest of the album.

69) Maroon 5 - Goodnight, Goodnight - This was my favorite song off their last album, and it can be taken a couple of different ways. The way I see it, it's about a relationship falling apart, where both are at fault. He realizes though, that things need to change, but she's not willing to. Since he can't do it by himself, he's ending the relationship, in turn saying "goodnight" , and wishes her the best.

70) Modest Mouse - The World at Large - This song seems to be about finding your role. Traveling around, impulsively, trying to find a place to fit in, your reasoning being that if the world around you can change so much, why can't I.

71) Morrissey - Alma Matters - Morrissey is definitely one of the best singer/song-writers of all time. He rocked with The Smiths, and still rocks now. In this song Morrissey seems to be telling someone to butt out, even if you think I'm making a bad decision. "It's my life to ruin my own way." he declares.

72) Morrissey - Disappointed - I believe this song is more than him naming off things that disappoint him, but I can't say for sure.

73) Motion City Soundtrack - Hold Me Down - This band had incredible range. One minute they're crazy quirky, and then next they'll give us a song apologizing for your prolonged drug problem. This song is one of they're deeper ones. He wakes up one morning to find a letter from his girlfriend. In the letter, she explains that she won't be coming back,due to something (most likely his drug problem) holding her down. She tells him that maybe they can reassess they're relationship after the had some time off. She tells him how much she loves him, and then begins to contemplate if she's strong enough to do this.

74) Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night - This song is very unique, since it tells it's story backwards. You get the end, middle, and then what caused everything. The song starts off with him telling us how upset he is about what happened last night. He's not sure if he's gonna be okay, and he's worried about a relapse turning into a full-blown meltdown. The second verse is him coming home, and seeing that his girlfriend moved out, so he finds some pills, downs them, and proceeds to hallucinate all night. The last verse is him at a party with his girlfriend. She asks if they could step outside for a second, and in the cold, pouring rain, she tells him that it's over.

75) Muse - Starlight - This is not your typical Muse song, and took me forever to decide between this one, and Time Is Running Out. This song is about a guy who leaves his woman, but instead of being bitter, they promised each other they will be together again. And even if it doesn't quite happen as soon as they hoped, he'll continue to chase her, even until forever.

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