Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comic Book Review: Batman and Robin#11

Wow. So over the last couple of weeks, there's been alot of questions in Batman and Robin. Why wouldn't have Bruce known about the secret cave after the earthquake? Who is El Penitente? Is Oberon Sexton actually Bruce Wayne? So with all these in mind, let's dive into spoilers.

So in Mexico, El Penitente is fresh off whipping himself. Of course, El Penitente is spanish for The Penitent One, one who punishes them self. So he's getting dressed, while asking a father to bless him so he will be clean, so Christ will protect him. Outside, DEA agents are raiding El Penitente's home, shooting his henchmen. He walks through the gunfire, not very concerned at the shots, even as the priest gets killed. We now see his face, while not confirmed, he definitely appears to be Dr. Hurt, as he says the mask of El Penitente has served it's purpose, and it's time to go home to Gotham.

Dick is still in the secret cave, examining the painting on the wall, which appears to be new within a year. He's tell Alfred he's going to step on the bat symbol in the middle of the floor, which revels a door, but Alfred tells him to proceed with caution as he takes note of a commotion taking place in the Wayne Cemetery.

In the cemetery, Oberon and Damian are being confronted by El Penitente's men. They introduce themselves, and attack, which Oberon takes them all down, except one. Damian, still not entirely in control of his actions attack the remaining one, still worried that something is wrong with him.

Talia is now shown, wearing some kind of helmet contraption to which a team of doctors are using to link Damian's spine with Talia's movements. She begins to mention that this was just a demonstration, and the an old enemy of Dick's should administer the "Death Stroke," as a shadowy man in the back replies.

Alfred is still com-linked to Dick, and tells him about the scuffle going on inside the cemetery. Dick is now in some kind of underground railroad, no joke. He notes that Bruce must have known about all theses passages, especially after the earthquake. Alfred says that not all of the mansion suffered severe damage, but that he needs to intervene on the cemetery quickly. Dick discovers a large half man-half bat statue, which Alfred points out is called Barbatos, which is the name of the creature supposedly summoned by Thomas Wayne in 1765. Alfred begins to lose his connection though, as something is blocking out the signal. Dick finds a gate, and goes in...

Back in the cemetery, the henchmen are quoting things from some sort of mythology, particularly, Barbatos. Oberon takes the main one down again, and Damian begins to notice something peculiar about Mr. Sexton. Damian notes that Oberon claims to be a writer from England, but says that Talia's headquarters are in England, which means that Damian is quite familiar with accents. He says that Oberon's is fake, and is not who he says he is. He asks a question that we've all been wondering: Are you Bruce Wayne? Oberon doesn't respond, only saying that he's there to investigate the Domino Killer. But Damian won't give. "Who are you?" Again deflecting, Oberon asks for help opening this vault, saying that the henchmen are looking for something long buried inside of it.

Talia is still watching, and now has the shadowy man from before connected to the machine controlling Damian, which he then uses to attack Mr. Sexton.

Suddenly, Dick explodes from the vault, his costume in rags, while exclaiming that he found "it." Damian begins to attack Dick, all while asking for help realizing that his mother is controlling him.

The last scene is Slade Wilson shown connected to Talia's machine, controlling Damian, and asking for permission to terminate Dick.

Now that was a crazy ending. The mystery continues to deepen and more questions arise, such as: What is Deathstroke's role in this story?, and Who, Who , Who is Oberon Sexton? Yes I put triple who for emphasis, because that one is just puzzling. So the last question is What did Dick find in the vault?

The story is getting better, and the conclusion is sure to be spectacular, hopefully answering all our questions.

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