Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comic Book Review: Teen Titans #82

Teen Titans #82 was released yesterday, another issue by Felicia D Henderson continuing her Static Shock story arc. There wasn't much substance to this issue, so a quick summary.

The Teen Titans were captured by Holocaust, leaving Connor, Bart, and Cyborg to take him out. After a loud angry, angry fight, the Teen Titans are rescued , and collectively throw Holocaust far within the Earth. After Static takes care of some personal business in his hometown, the Titans get on a plane, with a fat man dressed man in a superman shirt, who reveals that he has powers and flies out the T-Wing with a sickly Raven.

Alright, so that wasn't that much to talk about in this is issue, however, there is a lot to say about the issue itself, namely the writing. So here's the thing, I don't know why DC has so much faith in Felicia D Henderson. She fills the page with what she believes to be witty banter, only to come out ridiculously cheesy and almost pathetic. She doesn't seem to have a good idea about the voice of the characters she writing, having them act rude, sometimes even paranoid, for no particular reason.

What's even worse than her dialogue, is her plot progression, which sometimes leans on incoherent. The ideas she has aren't bad them self, just poorly executed.

The only good thing about the issue, was that it was only twenty-two pages long, and then led to a decent Ravager second feature that ended nicely. I'm not terribly familiar with Henderson's other writing endeavors, but I think she should have stuck to TV.

I looked into the sales a bit, and have noticed that they have been declining harshly as of late, with the last numbers being 25,759 for March. It's sad, because Teen Titans has a pretty decent group of characters, and could be a great book, but right now, that only DC book worse in my opinion is Outsiders. Hopefully the company will soon realize that there is a demand for these characters, just not with these creators attached to them.

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  1. Amen. I recently posted horrifying reviews of the Teen Titans myself.