Thursday, May 27, 2010

Comic Book Review: Teen Titans #83

I really wish that I could tell you that Felicia D Henderson's learned from the criticism of her last issues, but I can't. I wish I could tell you that the book is getting better, that there is a reason to continue to spend the $3.99 on it each month, but once again, I can't.

Issue #83 of this series picks up on the story thread of Wyld, the creature that has taken Raven to another dimension. Henderson has clearly run out of ideas already, with yet another save Raven story line that we have seen so many times throughout the years. The plot in a nutshell is pretty simple: The Titans join forces with a couple of CADMUS Labs scientist in order to track Wyld, and in turn Raven. While the scientist work at finding a portal of some sort, an ailing Miss Martian is nursing back to health, and another Titan, Jamie a.k.a Blue Beetle, decides it's time to go home. In the end, the scientists find a portal, with the key being deep within the ocean, and the door being on an island used by the Russian Navy. In three sentences, I told you everything you needed to know about the story, yet somehow, Henderson managed to make a useless twenty-two pages out of it.

Last month in my review of Teen Titans #82, one of my complaints was Henderson's inability to find the voice of the characters. That complaint is still valid this issue, as she swaps story telling for bad innuendo, and teen drama reminiscent of middle school. Connor and Cassie's petty bickering, leading them to get a little heated and lusty before being interrupted. For some reason, Connor feels the need to tell Bart about him and Cassie almost hooking up, all of this Cassie hears, causing another fight, with Connor finally flying off. Not sure why any of that was necessary, these fickle emotions she pushes on these characters. Also, it always seems like Aquagirl is always looking to get some nookie, especially from Connor. What?

It seems like Henderson is trying to make these characters actual teenagers, annoying ones that can be seen on any lame MTV show. It's just not working for her, and I'm not really sure she knows how to fix it herself.

I hate campaigning for someone to get fired, but Henderson really needs to give up the title, almost anyone would be better. There was a rumor that ran on Bleeding Cool a couple weeks ago, about JT Krul possibly becoming the writer of Teen Titans due the reaction Henderson has been getting. While Krul isn't the best writer around, as noted by his Rise of Arsenal miniseries, his work on Blackest Night Titans, and the two parter in the ongoing certainly have earned him at least an opportunity to try his hand at the book. This book is like a sick puppy, one that you love, but hate to see suffer. Someone please put this book to rest before the characters are ruined for all of us.


  1. I have to agree with you, Henderson has had multiple issues to find her footing, but she's floundering with no idea how to write these well established characters. I think her treatment of Wonder Girl is appalling - she has made her into a control freak harpy who is paranoid about anyone taking over the Titans from her. And Beast Boy is written like a newbie, when he has more experience than anyone else on the team! And why is it that Raven has to disappear in order for her to have any relevance? This series is a complete disaster.

    *** Jeffrey D ***

  2. UGH. Teen Titans #83 was the worst yet.