Friday, July 30, 2010

Comic Book Review: Teen Titans #85

It's almost like Christmas came early this week. Not only do we get a new issue of Outsiders this week, but we also get the next chapter of Felicia D Henderson's awful Teen Titans arc. In case you've missed it, Teen Titans is hands down the worst book coming out of the DCU, but there is hope. Earlier this month, DC announced that starting in November, JT Krul and Nicola Scott will be ongoing Teen Titans team. Bad news is though, we still have to bear through three more issues of Henderson's awful book.

The book is still continuing the story line where the Titans are in the "World of the Wyld" looking for Raven. This arc has been unnecessarily long, showing us that Henderson is clearly a fan or torture. How long can these heroes roam through an unknown land and encounter unoriginal monsters? The answer is at least five boring issues.

As if the drawn out story wasn't bad enough, she continues the lame dialogue and same pointless emotions. If you caught the Teen Titans announcement a few weeks ago on The Source, (DCU official blog) then I'm sure you heard that Henderson will be writing an ongoing Static Shock series. In the description of the series, Henderson points out that Static is a regular teen, and if not for his powers he would be "chasing girls, playing video games, downloading underground mixes of his favorite music." Cheesy, no? She has this infatuation with trying to be "cool," but really only ends up making a fool of herself.

I'm counting down the days until November when hopefully we'll get a Titans book worth reading. Until then, two more issues of awful that is sure to be continued in the Static monthly. I'm sure it won't take long though for DC to realize that with the rising price of comic books, there's just no room for bad writers with no original ideas.

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