Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Song of the Day: Animal Hospital - A Safe Place

OK, in case you were wondering, I'm officially a giant douche-bag. Today's song is irreputable evidence of that, this ambient musical project. Animal Hospital is a one man project fronted by Boston based musician Kevin Micka. You can imagine playing all the instruments yourself can be a little overwhelming, especially if your playing a live show, yet Micka's able to do it pretty seamlessly with impressive skill. Today's song is a showy display of his talent, starting off with a quiet percussion that is soon overdubbed by a heavier one. He then enters the ohs and ahs stage, and the song starts to sound very much like the intro to TV On the Radio's Staring At the Sun. If you're a fan of spacy noise and ambient tracks, this may be a band for you.

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