Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Comic Book Review: Brightest Day #7

Brightest Day promised answers this week, answers that are supposed to give us an answer to a very important question. The question is simple: Why were the twelve resurrected by the White Light? The answer was pretty anti-climatic since it was held for so long, so be warned that it's a little disappointing. (At least to me)

After Boston, Dove, and Hawk meet for a burger, the ring takes the three to Silver City, New Mexico, the site of the White Lantern. The White Lantern now intends to reveal its grand plan, which seems to revolve around Boston Brand. Boston and Hawk are zapped by the White Light, their costumes being transformed into an all white version. The Light begins to speak to them now, revealing itself to be the White Entity. The surprise here is that the White Entity is dying and looking for a replacement, a new champion to guard, watch, and protect the Universe.

The book now jumps between the main characters here, as all of them receive a vision from the White Light showing them a future of sorts. Quick recap of a couple characters visions.

Martian Manhunter: His vision shows him setting fire to a forest, presumably the Star City forest that the White Light created.

Firestorm: Black Lantern Firestorm is shown holding a black lantern, and the White Lantern instructs Jason and Ronnie to come together and stop the evil lantern.

Hawkman: His costume is transformed into white version, which look pretty lame, almost like something THe Village People wore. The White Light tells him to "Stop the Queen."

Shiera: She sees Hawkman being murdered by Hath-Set. The Light warns her that if that future comes true, there will not be another resurrection for either her, or Hawkman.

Aquaman sees the new Aqualad, and is told to find him first before "they" do. No idea who "they" are though.

The next scene is a two-page spread showing the vision of the remaining resurrected characters. Digger Harkness sees himself murdering Dove as the Light tells him to throw the boomerang. Jade sees her brother Obsidian, with the Light telling her to balance out the darkness. Osiris is told to free his sister Isis. Max Lord is instructed to save the world from Magog, because he will lead the world into war. Eobard Thawne's mission is complete, his being to release Barry Allen from the Speed Force. And most puzzling, Hank Hall is told to stop the boomerang that will kill Dove. Finally, Boston is told to find to replacement protector of the White Light.

It seems strange that the White Light would give them missions that contradict each other, and I get the feeling that it isn't at all what it says to be. And while I did find the reveal a little disappointing, the writing team did do a great job of setting up the next waves of stories. So as always, more answers bring more questions, and more mysteries. But it seems like Brightest Day will start to tie in very well with the books that carry its banner, so hopefully the story will progress quicker this next time around.


  1. White Entity is dying? No wonder he looks so fragile and aged in Blackest Night. If he was dying, why was Nekron pushing or rushing his dying? Or was his scythe the one that caused the "dying" for White Entity when the darkness strike him the first time around?

    Questions, questions, questions.

    But you're right ... WE is omnipotent but like John Milton of The Devil's Advocate said about God being the trickster, He puts instincts in Man and yet, he provides the rules for men to contradict the instincts.