Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Song of the Day: Crystal Castles - Not In Love (Ft. Robert Smith)

How do you take a mediocre 80s rock song and make it almost perfect? Maybe adding one of, if not the the best frontmen of the 80s (who is actually still awesome) to a great 80s synth-pop beat. Almost sounds redundant, yet somehow an incredibly creative collaboration is born here. One piece of the puzzle here is Crystal Castles, the incredibly loud, incredible energetic experimental electronic group who earlier this year covered Platinum Blonde's Not In Love. The results were interesting. Good, but not great. Then you add the other ingredient. The always awesome, perpetually sad sounding Robert Smith. It's almost not fair to say that he's featured in this song, as he completely takes it over and makes it his. He sings every lyrics with the same melancholy that made him famous in such a convincing fashion, you'll almost start to wonder if he penned the words himself. This song was an experiment gone awesome, one that'll make you yearn for the synth beats of the past.

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