Friday, June 18, 2010

Batman: City of Scars

Christopher Nolan is great. His last two takes on the Batman series have been absolutely incredible. Joel Schumacher on the other hand, not so much. Pretty much everything about his over the top Batman films were horrible, including the Bat-Nipples. And I didn't care too much for Burton's Batman.

As comic book fans, we like to see the blend of comic fantasy, and good film making, but it's usually hard to pull of. Schmacher's were way too fantastical, everything flashy and gaudy. Nolan has been the only really bright spot of Batman on film, yet he seems to follow his own blend of continuity, not really a story we've seen in the books before.

Enter Aaron Schoenke, a filmmaker whose been doing Batman films for a while now. His films are able to blend a comic book Batman, and an area of dark realism, leading to a great film. He just released another fan film yesterday, Batman: City of Scars. Schoenke, who wrote and directed the film, tackles a dark story about a boy that Joker kidnapped, and even includes some guest appearances by Black Canary, Renee Montoya, and Crispus Allen. Check it out.

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