Friday, June 4, 2010

Comic Book Review: Red Robin #13

The winds of change sweep though Red Robin this week, as fan favorite writer Fabian Nicieza takes over the book, much to the delight of Tim Drake fans. With no disrespect to Chris Yost, whose constant use of flashbacks proved quite annoying, Fabian has proven that he can handle the world of Tim, especially after the arc he used to finish the title last year when it was still Robin. Fabian's return promises a much lighter tone to the book, very different from the dark, brooding Tim we saw for the past twelve issue.

Tim, Dick, and Damian set off on patrol, the first time all three have worked together in Gotham on friendly terms. As Batman and Robin go tackle a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum problem, Tim goes off to respond to a Lynx disturbance. Tim reveals that after the organized the gang treaty months ago, some leaders have strayed, one of those being Lynx. As he eavesdrops on Lynx meeting with her crew, he begins to contemplate what action he should take against her.

That decision is one of many he needs to make, with this new direction of his life brings new questions, so he has complied a checklist to help out:
1) Figure Out Where to Live
2) Figure Out What to Do
3) Figure Out How to Do It
4) Figure Out Who to Do It With
5) Figure Out Who to Do It Against

Tim meets with Lucius and Tam, mostly to discuss the engagement Tam announced to Vicki Vale a couple issues ago. Lucius knows that the engagement is a sham, but he warns the fake couple to be cautious of what they give to the press from now on, and everyone agrees. After the meeting, Tim tells a very embarrassed Tam that they need to talk about their relationship, possibly hinting at a future there...

Back on patrol, Red Robin scares one of Lynx's crew members into calling out the gang leader, to publicly challenge her to a fight, and damage her rep. Once Lynx emerges out, her and Tim engage in a quick, acrobatic fight. After Lynx gets in few blows, Tim wraps her up and takes her down, but things quickly turn more strange. Lynx tells Tim that she is a cop, a member of the Hong Kong Police Force, trained in gang infiltration. Tim ponders over whether to believe her or not, but ultimately decides that Lynx is best served behind bars, so her leaves her with the GCPD.

Upon returning to the Bat Bunker, Alfred and Damian question whether Tim's actions against Lnyx were appropriate, especially after the help she provided during Blackest Night, and Jason Todd's wars. But Tim argues that he knows what he was doing, that everything is a part of a bigger plan of his, showing them the large monitor of the computer with panels of notorious villains. At the bottom of the page, questions 2, 3, and 4 are checked off Tim's list, showing that he just needs to find a partner, and a place to live.

Tim Drake is definitely one of my favorite characters in the DCU, and I'm glad the new writer has such a firm grasp on the character, and his motives. The new, lighter direction that Red Robin is heading is really enjoyable, so I encourage any Tim fans who previously enjoyed Robin, to jump back on. Also would like to mention that Marcus To is getting better and better with every issue, with his clean pencils that make everything easy on the eyes.

Overall, I found this issue great, and this will on the top of my list every month. Thanks Fabian!

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