Sunday, June 27, 2010

Song of the Day: Bloc Party - Blue Light

Bloc Party's debut, Silent Alarm, came out with a vengeance. They knew their sound, their strengths, and they had confidence, even a swagger. Their music was fun, that ranged from a blazing guitar, to a soft one that would permeated like a slow atmospheric linger. It sounded like the release of crafty rock veterans. After their second release, it became clear that they were stuck in a sophomore slump. The songs that were good were very good, but there was far fewer than on the first record. And the the third album came along, the emo, ambient noise, self-conscious record, that only had a few tracks worth listening to. It's quite a fall for a band that had so much promise, since the talent is there, just not the cohesiveness. Let's hope their hiatus will do them good, and they'll come back the brilliant band we know they are.

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